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"Rotten love" live

"Mona Lisa" Lyric Video


Modern Eyes at
Ohana Festival 2021

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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About Us 

Formed in 2018 at the precipice of the latest garage-rock resurrection, Modern Eyes is a Los Angeles-based band that combines elements of early 00’s alternative music and Britpop for a sound that reinvents the boundaries of a genre revival.


With their early 2019 release, Conversations Kill, Modern Eyes quickly captured the attention of a growing fan base in the Southern California area. Modern Eyes diversifies themselves from other modern artists through a sound that isn’t derivative of legacy acts, but one that pays genuine homage to their musical contributions.


Modern Eyes draws upon the impact of their predecessors such as The Strokes, Oasis and LCD Soundsystem to create music with feelings of both vintage rock and futurism. The band is centered around the concept that the nebulous idea of “rock” as we know can be tinged with sonic elements that span generations and scenes without compromising an authentic feeling.

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